Child Upbringing – An art as well as science – Bala-Goli

A young couple gave birth to a child and as per tradition; the delivery took place at the wife’s parents’ place. The child was healthy. Back there, the family hired an experienced elderly woman to take care of the child. Her chores were to bathe the child, give massages and take care of the needs of the child. The baby sitter would do her job with love.

Two months after the delivery, mother and son returned back to their home. However, from the second day itself, the child started crying. The child would cry uncontrollably. And nobody knew what had happened to the kid.

They showed the child to a nearby doctor, medicines were prescribed but it didn’t work so well. In a few days, the child had become weak. Then the parents decided to take the child to a specialist. When the kid’s mother was younger, her parents used to visit Dr. N. C. Joshi whenever she fell ill. Dr. Joshi’s medicines used to help her recover very fast. So, they decided to consult with Dr. Joshi a visit for the child.

They brought the child to Dr. Joshi’s Clinic. Doctor checked the child. The child didn’t seem to suffer from any illness. Right then, the child cried so much ______. When the doctor saw this, he got to thinking.

The doctor started asking many personal questions to the mother. The child was very calm at grandparent’s house, then what happened since they got back to their own home? As the doctor was well experienced the parents asked him what he thought could be the reason that the child cried so much in the evening?

The baby sitter suggested that if they would give the child ‘bala goli’ so that it would make the child healthy and it wouldn’t cry. Next day, the baby sitter brought the ‘bala goli’ and child would not cry. Dr. Joshi called the baby sitter and asked her about ‘bala goli’. After asking a lot of questions, did the fact come out that the ‘bala goli’ is not manufactured by any registered company. Some person makes it and sells in the market. After further enquiry and pushing, the baby sitter confessed that the ‘bala goli’ contains some morphine which helps kids sleep peacefully.

Dr. Joshi was shocked. Diagnosis was obtained, that since the child was habituated to morphine and it didn’t get ‘bala goli’ at the father’s place, the child craved for it and developed withdrawal symptoms. As the child didn’t get the morphine on time it would get frantic and very anxious which would lead to crying and it would sweat a lot. This was a very unhelpful situation for the child due to which it would cry uncontrollably.

Slowly slowly Dr. Joshi started medication and brought the child to normalcy (out of the habit of morphine). He asked the parents in urgency that they should never give such medications to the child. Such market medicines, kadha, etc are not manufactured by registered companies and are made by cheats which are generally harmful to kids.

In addition the doctor also informed that it is of utmost important that the baby sitters should be clean and hygienic and healthy. If not so, it could result in their infections being passed onto the kids resulting in the kids falling ill. The mother herself should massage the baby with gentle hands. It is not necessary to apply kajal in the eyes of the child. Many times, the kajal does not suit the child and it gets affected with allergies which are harmful to the kid. One should not put oil in their nose or ears. It has been observed that many kids are allergic to chickpea flour. Parents use chickpea flour thinking it would make the child fair.

Many a times, a child cries in the evening which is called ‘Evening Colic’ or ‘Children’s Colic’, which occurs due to gas. When it happens, turn the child to its right side so that the left side is on top, and hold the head a little above the body. Due to gravity on the stomach, the milk won’t come out of the mouth and the child doesn’t get gas. If at all some gas still occurs, it gets released through the mouth. If this is not done, there is a possibility that the child may get gas and it leads to the child crying.

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Introduction to Dr. N. C. Joshi sir and Mr. Bakulesh Thakkar

Introduction –

Dr. N C Joshi M.D., D.Ch. Pediatrician has been practicing since over the last 50 years. The children that were treated by him have now become parents themselves.

Even today, these parents haven’t forgotten Dr. Joshi and they now take their own kids to him for medical consultations and treatments.

Mr. Bakulesh Thakkar, a pharmacist since 41 years is close friends with Dr. Joshi – a well experienced Doctor writes down useful articles in Yugvandana about his conversations with Dr. Joshi into for New Parents.

The knowledge shared in these articles is something you would not get off the books. Only with knowledge and experience of someone like Dr. Joshi who keeps sharing it with the Author Mr. Thakkar time to time can make up to these articles.

A new born who is unable to speak tries to convey its state/feeling by crying, bouncing, throwing tantrums or weltering. Their body also tries to convey a lot by showing symptoms such as light diarrhea, urination, sweating, boils on the body, fever, cold and cough etc. this way, the child says a lot of things which the parents, family as well as the doctor need to listen or understand. Only with experience can one understand the language of the new born and in order to learn so, it is important to take help form a pediatrician.

Child development is an art as well as science. So let’s, learn together which will benefit our kids.

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