11 Tips To Ease Your Child’s Discomfort Post A Vaccine Shot

Child's Discomfort Post A Vaccine Shot

As a new parent, it is quite distressing to watch your baby go through pain when it is administered its first vaccine shot. And while immunization is important for the well-being of your child, as it protects your baby from life-threatening diseases, the post-vaccination pain your little one has to go through can be upsetting for you as well as your child.

However, there are a lot of ways through which you can ensure that your child’s vaccine shots are as pain-free as possible.

The below-mentioned list consists of 11 simple tips that can help decrease your child’s discomfort post a vaccine shot, minimizing your child’s painful experience and making them feel comfortable.

#1. Hold Your Baby

Hold Your Baby

One of the best strategies to reduce your child’s discomfort during vaccination is to hold your baby close or make them sit on your lap (if the child is older). Since having them lie on the examination table can make them uncomfortable, holding your baby while he is getting his shot can help in keeping him calm, and making him feel secure.

Just ensure that your baby’s upper arm or thigh is exposed so that doctors can give the injection with ease.


#2. Feed Your Baby

Feed Your Baby

Breastfeeding your baby after immunization can help relieve vaccine pain. By breastfeeding your baby you will be able to keep him satiated, thereby soothing him from impending pain. For older children, you can offer them enough liquids to keep them hydrated along with some light & nutritious food.


#3. Cuddle & Comfort Your Child

Cuddle Comfort Your Child

If your child is fussy after getting the shot, comfort them by talking reassuringly, giving them a hug, holding & cuddling them. This will comfort your baby, settling them down, helping them momentarily forget their discomfort and instantly making them feel secured & loved.


#4. Gently Rub Your Baby’s Skin

Gently Rub Your Babys Skin

Another effective way to alleviate pain, right after the shot is administered, is to gently rub the area where the injection was given. Since a soothing touch is believed to reduce pain in children, rubbing the affected area will help to temporarily numb the pain, thereby keeping your baby from suffering any intense pain.


#5. Be Informed

Be Informed

Check with your doctor what precautions need to be taken, in case there is any redness or swelling after the vaccination. Also, consult if any medicine needs to be given to the baby in the event of a fever or any pain-reducing drug that can be administered if the post-vaccine pain is making the baby too uncomfortable.

Also, it is important that you clarify any issues that you may have with regards to the post-vaccine measures with your doctor before leaving the clinic, so that if any need arises you are well-informed about all the right methods.


#6. Distract Your Child From Pain

Distract Your Child From Pain

This is the most effective way that can reduce your child’s discomfort during & after the vaccine. Bring along your kid’s favourite toy, try telling a story or if the doctor’s clinic has a TV, switch it on. This will divert their attention for a while, making the procedure a bit easy.


#7. Use Pacifier Dipped in Sugar Water

Use Pacifier Dipped in Sugar Water

Another proven way that can calm your baby during & after vaccination. You can either feed your baby little sugar water before the vaccine shot or dip your baby’s pacifier in sugar water and let her suck on it while it’s being administered More about the author. This technique will take out the sting of the vaccine pain and it will ensure that the medicine goes down easily.


#8. Use Topical Anesthetics

Use Topical Anesthetics

Applying topical anesthetics an hour before the vaccination can help reduce the vaccine pain in kids. These ointments or creams help to numb the skin thereby taking the sting out of the vaccine shots, which reduces the pain of needle pricks. Just make sure that you confirm the ointment with your doctor, before applying it on your baby.


#9. Use a Cool Compress

Applying a cold compress twice or thrice after immunization can help ease your child’s pain and reduce inflammation (if any). Just prepare an ice-pack and gently rub it on the affected area to soothe away any discomfort.


#10. Opt for Painless Injections

Opt for Painless Injections

Consult with your doctor and ask if there is an option for your baby to be vaccinated using a needle-free device such as one that uses compressed air to inject the medicine into the skin. This option though costlier would ensure that your baby has a pain-free vaccination.

#11. Opt for Combo Shots

Opt for Combo Shots

Combo shots mean fewer injections, which significantly cut down vaccine pain in children. Though you may worry that you are overloading you child’s immune system with too much vaccines at once, rest assured that these combo vaccines are first clinically tested to check for any side-effects before being administered to the baby.



Vaccines may hurt but they are important for the well-being of your child and while they may cause them a bit of pain, remember that the consequences of not getting your child vaccinated can prove fatal.

The above-mentioned tips are effective and can significantly help to ease your child’s discomfort post a vaccine shot. So try out these tips on your baby’s next vaccination appointment and relieve your child from unnecessary discomfort. Also, have a look at our previous posts Top 10 Vaccinations For Your Child and Top 10 Power Foods You Should Incorporate in Your Child’s Diet.

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