How to Raise a Confident Child – 21 Helpful Tips For Parents

Confidence, by far, is one of the most important skills that you need to develop in your kids. It is a key ingredient that will help in the overall growth and development of your child and thus, as a parent building confidence in kids should be your top priority.

However, developing your child’s self-esteem is not a quick and easy task and will require a lot of patience and determination from your end.

The below-mentioned 21 tips on how to raise a confident child can help pave the road ahead, but it is only through your consistent encouragement and positive attitude would your child be able to improve his self-esteem.

Hence, be committed to your goal of raising a confident child and never lose hope, as your “never give up” attitude will encourage your child to do the same!

How to Raise a Confident Child – An Overview

#1. Curiosity is Good

Curiosity is Good

By basic nature children are curious. They look at everything around them with wonderment and want to know what each of those things means. However, while their questions can seem endless, instead of ignoring it, try to answer them as best as you can.

By doing so, you are not only helping them learn new things, but you are also teaching them that it is okay to be curious. This, in turn, will give them the confidence to speak up at school & other places and learn things faster than their peers thus making them grasp new things quickly.

#2. Provide Challenges That Will Help Them Grow

Provide Challenges That Will Help Them Grow

A child is like a blank canvas and if you want them to reach their full potential then you need to provide them challenges that will help them grow.

Even a simple thing such as teaching him to tie his own shoelace can help in developing your child’s self-esteem, as it will make him feel that he has achieved something on his own.

Plus, this will not only boost his confidence, but it will also show him that with enough practice he can overcome any obstacle that may come his way.

#3. Stop Over-praising

Undue praising can do more harm than good!

When working on developing your child’s self-esteem, parents need to remember that more often than not, children measure their self-worth based on the praises and feedback that you provide them.

By over-praising you are not being realistic. Plus, it doesn’t motivate your child to work harder, even if he has the potential to do much better. Thus, if your child fails at something, praise their effort but refrain from flattery or unrealistically praising the end-result.

#4. Appreciate Efforts… No Matter How Big or Small

Appreciate Efforts… No Matter How Big or Small

Be it getting the alphabetic words right or not making it to the school play, all efforts, no matter how big or small, should be appreciated equally.

Children with low self-esteem are often those, whose efforts are not acknowledged by their parents. Hence, if your goal is to raise a confidence child then you need to compliment their effort, since, in the long run, it is the effort that counts and which will help them work harder to reach their desired goal.

#5. Don’t Criticise

Don’t Criticise

Nothing shatters a child’s confidence more quickly than criticism!

When building confidence in kids you need to refrain from criticizing them as this could lead to a sense of defeat and make them wary of trying out new things.

As mentioned before, kids look up to their parents to measure their self-worth and thus, instead of criticizing them for their failure, teach them to take in these bad events as a learning experience and make them live by the words “practice makes a man perfect”

#6. Nurture Special Interests/Talents

Nurture Special Interests/Talents

A hobby can go a long way in developing your child’s self-esteem!

Studies have shown, that children who have special interest or talents are likely to perform well academically and have a better overall personality.

When you are trying to build confidence in kids, you need to expose them to a wide variety of activities like painting, cooking, cycling, which will help to improve their self-esteem as they get better and better at their chosen task.

#7. Step Back… Let Your Child Take Healthy Risk

Step Back… Let Your Child Take Healthy Risk

It is never too easy for parents to step back and allow their child to take risks. However, this is exactly what you need to do if you want to raise a confident child.

Instead of rescuing him every time, you need to step back and allow him to make his choices, as it is only then that he would be able to trust himself and in the process learn to take responsibility for his actions.

So, loosen your strings and instead of rushing to pick him up every time he falls, wait and allow him to get up on his own.

#8. Teach Good Manners

Teach Good Manners

How will this help in building confidence in kids?

Well, for starters, teaching your kids good manners is one of the important life skills that will benefit them tremendously as they grow old.

From self-esteem perspective, teaching appropriate manners like helping others, respecting elders, saying “please” and “thank you” will help them understand social graces, thus improving their confidence and helping them overcome their awkwardness when in a social situation.

#9. Loosen Your Rein… Let Them Figure it Out

Loosen Your Rein… Let Them Figure it Out

While it is instinctive for parents to help out their child with their daily tasks, for eg. homework, to raise a more confident child, sometimes you need to loosen your rein and allow them to figure it out for themselves.

By doing so, you are encouraging them to push their mental or in some cases, their physical boundaries, helping them become independent and instilling in them an “I can do it” attitude, which will do wonders for their confidence.

#10. Allow Them To Be & Act Their Age

Allow Them To Be & Act Their Age

Asking your kids to act more mature than their age isn’t really fair to them.

When developing your child’s self-esteem, it is important that you let him be & act his age, as pressurizing him to confirm to unreasonable standards can have the opposite effect and result in a low self-esteem, which can be tricky to undo.

#11. Don’t Burden Them With Your Expectation

Don’t Burden Them With Your Expectation

Burdening your kids with your dreams and aspirations is another thing that can often result in low self-esteem in children. Thus, instead of oppressing them with your expectations, encourage them to take part in activities that they show interest in.

This way you are not setting them up for failure with your unrealistic goals and they are doing something that they have interest/talent in, thus boosting their confidence and making them feel better about themselves.

#12. Allow Them To Learn From Their Mistakes

Allow Them To Learn From Their Mistakes

Making mistakes is a part of life and it is the only way through which your kids can grow to be stronger and surer of themselves. Hence, if you want to raise a confident child then you need to tell him that it is okay to make mistakes, as long as he learns from them.

#13. Assign Responsibility

Assign Responsibility

Like adults, children also feel confident when they accomplish a task given to them. When building self-esteem in children, you need to give them responsibilities, be it setting a table or watering plants, as this will help demonstrate their strengths and make them feel useful & needed, which can go long way in boosting their self-confidence.

#14. Offer Help and Support… But Not Too Much

Offer Help and Support

As mentioned before, sometimes you need to step back and allow your child to deal with a situation by himself. Otherwise, your child will be dependent on you even for the smallest of problems and would begin to doubt his ability to perform without your assistance and support.

#15. Teach Them To Trust Themselves

Teach Them To Trust Themselves

For children with low self-esteem, a race is already lost, even before they have started running.

This is a result of low trust in their ability to accomplish a task, even if they have the capability to do it. Thus, to boost your child’s confidence, you need to first teach him to trust himself, as, without it, he’ll be unable to perform well in this competitive world.

#16. Applaud/Celebrate Their Efforts to Learn

Applaud/Celebrate Their Efforts to Learn

Getting kids engaged in doing something that will help them grow & develop can be a difficult task. Hence, when you see that your kid is taking the initiative to do something like reading a story or writing alphabets, applaud their efforts as this will encourage them to do it more often, thereby improving their self-confidence with each accomplished task.

#17. Help Them Adapt To New Experiences

Help Them Adapt To New Experiences

On one hand, while it is true that children can learn new things quickly, on the other hand, it is also important that you take it slow and help them get accustomed to their new experiences.

Since it is only when they are accustomed to doing something like riding a cycle or swimming, would they have the self-confidence of doing it all by themselves, hence, instead of rushing things along, you need to be a patient and work in accordance with their time & speed if you want to improve their self-esteem m856ozt.

#18. Teach Them That Hard Work Pays… Not Short-Cuts

Teach Them That Hard Work

Shortcuts may or may not get your kid the desired result, but it is definitely not going to teach them anything in the process

Since it is only when they work hard would they be able to grow and learn & reap great benefits, to raise a confident kid you need to instill in them the motto of “consistent hard work leads to success”

What’s more, there may be times where your kids wouldn’t succeed at something at the first go and in such a situation, the mantra of “hard word” is what will inspire them to keep moving forward instead of accepting defeat.

#19. Be a Positive Mirror

Be a Positive Mirror

If you want to raise a confident child then you need to exude confidence yourself. Talk to your kids, celebrate & share your accomplishment with them, tell them about the effort it took for you to achieve a goal etc.

All these things will make them see your determination and commitment and help boost their confidence, instilling in them the belief that they can achieve anything they want with enough perseverance.

#20. Raise a Healthy Child

Raise a Healthy Child

One of the best ways to build confidence in kids, encouraging your kids to take part in sports or engaging them in physical activities like dancing, cycling, yoga can help to keep them physically as well as mentally fit.

Physical activities can help your child recognize his strengths & weaknesses and expose him to new things wherein he needs to tackle situations without the fear of failure, thus boosting his self-confidence as well as helping him become a healthy and well-rounded adult.

#21. Don’t Bend Your Rules… Be Consistent

Don’t Bend Your Rules… Be Consistent

Setting rules and enforcing them consistently teaches your child what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. It teaches them the difference between right and wrong and gives them the confidence to stand up against peer pressure.

It also makes them consider the consequences of their decision, thus helping them discover their own strengths and provides them with a sense of pride in their own accomplishments.


Here it is a complete guide on how to raise a confident child!

Building confidence in kids is essential if you want them to perform well in school & in social situations as without it, they won’t be able to try out new things or achieve their desired goals.Thus, if your goal is to improve your child’s self-esteem then this guide can be extremely helpful.

Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comment below!

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